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Dinner at the startup

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At the 2nd startup I worked at — the first one that was really in the Bay Area — the policy was that the company bought food for anyone who was still in the office at dinner time. Being single and only having a boring and empty (and I do mean empty) house in San Jose to go home to, I took advantage of this pretty often.

The deal was that one of the founders would walk around the office around 6pm saying: “dinner?”. Someone (often the founder himself) would volunteer to go pick up food for everyone. I went fairly often since it was an excuse to get out into the fresh(er) air and look around at sunset — my favorite time of day.

What a fond little society we made for ourselves there at that little company! We ended up redeeming the dreams of hundreds of startups that went bust, leaving the workers with nothing but a little more bitterness to bring to their next attempt.

We played foosball incessantly and coded like maniacs long into the night in those anonymous offices down by the Dumbarton Bridge.

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August 27th, 2008 at 11:53 pm

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  1. […] 2nd startup took to me lunch the day I was hired, the burrito place that was among my favorites for dinner at that same startup, the Straits Cafe in Palo Alto where I went with my cousins to celebrate something or other: was it […]

  2. Matt – Enjoying the blog so far. We visited with your parents last night. I asked them if they had heard from you and then – HOORAY – your e-mail today with the blog link. Nathaniel and I were wondering how the journey has been so far. It’s great to get a glimpse! Looking forward to more!


    28 Aug 08 at 7:23 am

  3. Hey Matt!

    How exciting! I hope you are taking lots of pictures. Your Mom is so funny when she tells the story of how your “Senior Project” came about. She misses you.

    I’ll be logging on to read all about your adventures. I’m envious, some day maybe I’ll slow down… right now it’s six days til the wedding and no time to spare!

    Happy Travels,


    Carrie Green

    30 Aug 08 at 5:01 pm

  4. Hi babe,
    I love reading about your walk particularly because, call me crazy, I am doing A Sisters Hope 60 km walk from Amersfoort to Amsterdam in 4 weeks. Hugo and I walk 20 kms in the pouring rain every Sunday, and I have learned you CAN walk with an umbrella. I’ll think of you walking when I need a pat on the shoulder. (And we don’t have hills or mountains to cope with…)
    Do any of the rest stops have Veuve Cliquot cold? Big hug.

    Carrie in Holland

    11 Sep 08 at 6:00 am

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