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Interlude: H-O-M-E

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I’m home.

I’m not quite used to this indoor life yet, but it’s scary how fast it all comes back. You would think that a life-changing event would, well, change my life, but apparently the real lesson here is how quickly we adapt to whatever context we find or place ourselves in. That includes being back in my old home made new.

This homecoming was somewhat anticlimactic because of being pulled off the road by my mother’s death — that was a real, full shock re-immersion in modern American life, but after two weeks I was pretty well acclimatized. Then going back out to western Arizona and starting the last 8-day stretch home felt like a vacation, like an interlude instead of the completion it really was.

I’m not really complaining. This way Lori and I had a chance to get used to me being back even though there wasn’t much normalcy to our lives during those two weeks. It took and is taking some real adjustment from both of us, but I think this is easier than just being gone for three months and then just being home.

Of course, we are busy preparing to turn things upside down again by running away to New Zealand for almost three weeks. But once we return in early January I expect we are both going to want to stay put for awhile.

I will continue and complete the narrative of the trip home, and I have a few special blog posts in mind, so keep tuning in and I’ll get the updates out as fast as I can.

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December 8th, 2008 at 4:20 pm

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