Matt at Point Lobos just before the first step

The "before" shot: Matt at Point Lobos.

"Are you crazy?"

I get this a lot when I tell people about my "Senior Project". Not everyone thinks I'm nuts, of course. I get the impression some people I've talked to wish they could come along. And of course they can, by which I mean they are invited. No matter what ther first reaction is, though, the questions start soon after ...


I call it my "Senior Project" because I turned 50 this year and began receiving those letters from the AARP. A cross-country walking trip is something I've been thinking about for years, and with the help of my 50th birthday, I saw that I have limited time left for a project like this. Of course, this may or may not actually turn out to be the first leg of a cross-country trip. But it's certainly starting big.

"How long will it take?"

I left San Francisco on August 22 2008. I intend to reach my home in Prescott, Arizona by Thanksgiving. I expect it to take about twelve weeks -- about one week for each hour's drive

"Are you taking a gun?"

Usually asked by people who don't know me well ... The answer is"NO WAY". A gun is the last thing I want to carry on a trip like this. For one thing, they're heavy ...


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Just so you know ...

"Face the dawn" is a joke ... I am a total night owl and the only time I ever see the dawn is when I have been up all night. I am, however, headed east.